In 2019, Chinese auto brands have achieved exports of 1.02 million vehicles, indicating achievements of Chinese auto brands’ continuous investment in R&D and quality. As one of leaders of Chinese auto brands, Chery has ranked No.1 in export of passenger vehicles among Chinese automobile brands in 17 consecutive years by 2019.

In 2019, under the international development strategy, Chery was fruitful in export. Strengthening sports marketing, launching landmark advertising, accelerating launch of new products, focusing on product quality, and expanding overseas market, Chery was extensively reported by domestic and overseas media. In particular, in terms of accelerating launch of new products, Chery has launched several new vehicle models, including ARRIZO 6, TIGGO 4 and TIGGO 8, which show Chery’s real R&D technique and vehicle-building strength.

Being a product representing Chery’s highest vehicle-building level, TIGGO 8 made its debut in Russia in March 2020. So far, TIGGO 8 as a flagship product in TIGGO family has been launched in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Chile and other countries. With its outstanding performance configuration, TIGGO 8 has been highly recognized and favored by consumers in overseas markets. So, why can TIGGO 8 become the vehicle favored by global users?

TIGGO 8 comes into Ukraine.

First-class quality is proved by 3,110,000 km reliability development test.

Environmental specificity of each market has given rise to personalized development requirement. Russia and Saudi Arabia respectively represent extremely cold and extremely hot conditions for vehicle use, which pose an enormous challenge to reliability of vehicle. However, TIGGO 8 has conducted the extreme environment tests (high temperature, high land, high coldness and high humidity) since the beginning of its development. Taking the high temperature test as an example, TIGGO 8 has undergone odor and thermal protection tests at 65-85℃. The data indicate that TIGGO 8 can reduce nearly 10℃ within 57 seconds at 50℃.

In addition to development verification of extreme environments, in terms of reliability test in daily driving, TIGGO 8 has performed versification on 100,000 km roads, covering various complex road conditions in downtowns, suburbs, expressways, mountains and other areas, thereby ensuring stability of all functions.

To meet global users’ diversified functional needs, besides various practical functions, TIGGO 8 is equipped with ultra-large 10.25-inch high-definition touch screen, electrically induced tail-gate, and 360° high-definition panorama image, and is also added with some intelligent configurations for “luxury vehicles”, such as RICSCS remote active cabin self-cleaning system, intelligent hand ring, etc., which are exclusive among the same segment vehicles.

Safety configuration brings meticulous care for your vehicle use.

Chery has been focusing on vehicle safety. TIGGO 8 is added uniformly with safety configurations, without limitation to safety regulations within a certain region. Besides a high-strength integrated cage-type body and 6 pieces of Bentler high-strength hot-forming steels for luxury vehicles which lay a solid foundation for its passive safety, 6-directional guard-ring airbag can protect the driver’s safety. In addition, TIGGO 8 is equipped with BOSCH’s latest generation of ESP9.3, integrating multiple active safety functions such as ABS, EBD, EBA, BOS, etc.

Moreover, the reason that TIGGO 8 is favored by overseas users is attributed to Chery’s constant layout in its powertrain. Chery has an internationally leading engine production line, with its products covering automobile, aviation and other fields. Its ACTECO engine, based on the most advanced technologies, has internationally-leading technical integration level,  and reaches world-class level in main technical parameters, such as power, fuel consumption, emission, etc. Its 1.6TGDI engine was awarded “China Heart” 10 Best Engines 2019. At present, TIGGO 8 has designed several sets of powertrains according to global users’ diversified needs, which make high-efficient powertrain into TIGGO 8’s magic weapon.

TIGGO 8’s superior performance is attributed to Chery’s constant high standard. It is not hard to find the reason that TIGGO 8 is sold well all over the world.