On August 29, the China Automotive Technology &Research Center (CATARC) released the results of the second batch of C-NCAP evaluations in 2020, and Chery Exeed TXL ranked first among all midsize SUV with an overall score of 93.6 percent, the highest since the implementation of the latest rules, winning the “five-star plus” safety rating. By virtue of its peerless safety performance and “people-oriented” safety concept, Exeed TXL scored 96.09% in occupant protection and 75.73% in pedestrian protection, and scored full marks in active safety, all of which are higher than the historical average given by C-NCAP.

Exeed TXL won the five-star plus safety rating in the second batch of C-NCAP evaluation results in 2020

The five-star plus safety rating from C-NCAP is not only an authoritative affirmation of the comprehensive safety performance of Exeed TXL, but also a perfect verification of the safety quality of Exeed. Based on the Exeed M3X platform, Exeed TXL adhered to the highest safety standards from the beginning of design. With the high-strength monocoque body structure, the Advanced Driver-assistance Systems (ADAS) and an intelligent cabin with 360° safety protection, Exeed TXL creates a robust and reliable safety fortress for consumers.

The top rating of Exeed TXL in the C-NCAP crash test benefits from its high-strength monocoque body structure. Exeed TXL applies high-strength steel with tensile strength of 1,500MPa to ensure that the occupants are given high survivability and kept safe when the vehicle suffers frontal, side or rear impact at a high speed. In the event of a rollover accident, the vehicle body can withstand an impact load of more than 10 tons, making the body a real safety box. The Benteler high-strength hot-formed steel comparable to luxury vehicles with high-strength energy-absorbing box can maximize the transfer and absorption of the impact force; at the same time, the six-way airbags integrated in the cabin can also mitigate the impact for the passengers to the maximum extent.


High-strength monocoque body structure for 360°safety protection

As for active safety, a series of user-friendly Advanced Driver-assistance Systems (ADAS) and Bosch’s latest ESP 9.3 system enable Exeed TXL to make the fastest response before a vehicle accident. The Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system combined with the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)with pedestrian detection constantly monitors the vehicle or obstacle in front, and before a collision, issues an active alarm and automatically applies the brake to reduce the chance of an accident.

FCW + AEB with pedestrian detection

Exeed TXL also provides comprehensive safety protection for the occupants. In the intelligent cabin with 360°safety protection, the strong protection from the AQS with CN95 grade filter, the remote active cabin self-cleaning system and the advanced body sealing technology keeps the inside air fresh at all times; and the industry-leading feature of Around View Monitor maximizes the driving safety.

Intelligent cabin with 360° safety protection forhigher health and safety of the occupants

Safety is by design. As a high-end brand of Chery, Exeed is based on individual vehicle service scenarios and has been featured with forward-looking and reliable active and passive safety protection systems since the beginning of research and development, thus avoiding accidents and mitigating injuries to the greatest extent. Since the implementation of the latest C-NCAP rules, TXL ranked first among all midsize SUVs and received a five-star plus safety rating, fully verifying its core safety concept of “People-oriented”. In the second half of the year, the new Exeed TXL model will debut. In the future, through the industry-leading M3X platform, more Exeed products will come with superior quality, safety and reliability, bringing safe and smart driving experience to consumers.