• New interior with extra luxury features
  • New grille, lights and light-up logo
  • Improved ADAS

First class has just gotten better.

Chery South Africa has just unveiled an upgraded Chery Tiggo 8 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro MAX with more features, upgraded styling and a wholly redesigned interior.

In February 2022, Chery invited South Africans to Enjoy your First Class behind the wheel of its flagship SUV, the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro.

At that time, the Tiggo 8 Pro offered unmatched value in its class, with luxuries such as a panoramic sunroof, a full leather upholstery, dual zone climate control and a fully integrated voice control system as standard.

The Tiggo 8 Pro first class experience improved further late in 2022, when Chery added the powerful Tiggo 8 Pro MAX. This model added significant power and even more luxuries to the flagship range. The Tiggol 8 was also awarded the 2023 COTY Motoring Enthusiasts award this year – an accolade that speaks to the vehicle’s growing popularity in South Africa.

“The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro is not only our flagship model in terms of luxury and performance, but it is also our top performing model globally. As such it accounts for a significant part of Chery’s global growth,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

In South Africa, no fewer than 3 100 customers have purchased a Tiggo 8 Pro, making it one of the best-selling vehicles in its class and mirroring the range’s global success.

Bright, bold, beautiful

There is no mistaking the upgraded Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 for its predecessor or any other midsize luxury seven-seater on the road.

Taking centre stage on the new, upgraded model is a brand-new grille and illuminated Chery logo.

The grille is a reinterpretation of the “galaxy full of stars” design that is used on all Tiggo Pro models that narrows towards a point above the logo. This design, informally called the “warp speed grille”, creates the impression of speed and places additional emphasis on the new Chery logo.

The Chery logo in the grille uses an array of LED lights to light up in a gradual manner to create the impression that the Tiggo 8 Pro is coming to life. This is combined with a special light-up sequence of the LED Matrix headlamps and LED daytime running lights to create a unique visual signature and welcome the driver and their guests to their First Class Experience.

The grille itself is framed by a new wide grey moulding that gives the Tiggo 8 Pro a bolder and more forceful overtaking presence.

Viewed from the side, all the design elements that have made the Tiggo 8 Pro so sought after, like the three waistlines running from the front to rear lights, the glass panoramic roof, the diamond cut dark alloy wheels and the bold wheel arches remain unchanged.

At the rear, the vehicle has completely redesigned light clusters that are connected by a striking LED light bar between them. The rear lights have been designed to light up from the centre light bar to the lower edges of the tail lamps during the vehicle start-up sequence. This again creates the impression of a vehicle coming to life.

Welcome to your (all new) first class

While the exterior design of the MY2023 Pro and Pro MAX is an evolution and upgrade of the Tiggo 8 Pro design, the interior is all new.

To start, Chery’s designers changed the dual-cluster design of the previous Tiggo 8 Pro and replaced it with two thin and connected 12.35” screens that together form a digital screen of 24.7” long.

The section of the screen in front of the driver will under normal circumstances display vehicle information and speed, while the section to the right will take care of infotainment controls. As is customary for Chery vehicles, the screens, their layout and the level of detail required can be customised easily.

Those familiar with the previous Tiggo 8 Pro will remember a third screen, mounted on the lower level of the centre console. This screen, which took care of the climate controls, has been replaced by a set of haptic touch-sensitive buttons that are both easier to control and close at hand for both the driver and front passenger.

Speaking of climate control, all the rows have access to their own air conditioning controls, with the first-row occupants pampered by a dual zone independent climate control system.

Chery has also upgraded the Air Quality System (AQS) to include an ion sensor that will automatically engage the purifying system when it detects polluted air. The air quality inside the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 range is N95 certified, making it similar to the air quality in a surgeon’s operating room.

Other notable upgrades include the overall design of the dashboard and doors. The former has been completely redesigned with soft touch leather and wood grain patterns and silver finishing that that are similar to the matt silver finishing of the climate control, electric windows and electric seat buttons.

The dashboard has been designed to create a feeling of space and modern opulence. This is also true of the new centre console. This has been upgraded with soft touch leather, a new gear lever, cup holders that have now moved to be in front of the gear lever and a new 50W fast wireless phone charging pad.

In the doors, the new design means that all the surfaces that are normally within the passengers’ reach are leather, textured or soft touch for a more premium experience.

In the new design, the speakers from the Sony sound system have moved into the doors from the A-pillar, while the ambient lighting now reaches above and below the audio and windows control section. The ambient lighting can be set to 64 different hues and also made to ‘dance’ in step with whatever music is playing on the SONY sound system.

As before, the list of luxury features deserves a full release of its own. Both models have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, offline navigation, a panoramic sunroof, voice controls for everything from setting the climate to closing the boot and electrically adjustable seats.

On the topic of seats, following the feedback from owners, the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 is now upholstered in black leather and the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX MY2023 has received plush, dark chocolate brown leather upholstery with front seats that are both heated and cooled. Both models are equipped with a “boss button” seat where a rear occupant can control the passenger seat.

Both versions of the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 have four USB ports split equally between Type A and Type C and equally between the front and middle row seats.

They also have a unique step-up-and-step-away feature. This feature allows someone in possession of the key to walk up to the boot and then take a step back to have the boot open automatically. This is especially helpful when you approach the vehicle with arms full of groceries.

Safety first

As a flagship SUV product, the MY2023 Tiggo 8 Pro and Pro MAX offer owners and their passengers the ultimate assurance of safety.

In addition to adopting the high-strength steel in more than 60% of the bodywork and the use of Benteler ultra-high thermo-forming steel with yield strength of more than 1500 Mpa for improving the strength of the vehicle body comprehensively, the Tiggo 8 Pro is also equipped with the newest Bosch ESP 9.3 body electronic stability system and pre-tensioned safety belt as standard.

As before, all versions of the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 have a comprehensive list of active and passive safety features, including front, front side, rear bolster, driver knee and side curtain airbags.

Moreover, the Tiggo 8 Pro Max is also equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) integrating more than 10 kinds of intelligent driving assistance functions, including adaptive cruise control (ACC), autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane keeping assistance (LKA) to mention a few. All new to the Tiggo 8 Pro Max MY2023 is a DVR driver view recorder (built-in dash cam) and an updated AVM (all view monitor) camera.

The Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 1.6 derivative has a more simplified ADAS functionality consisting of BSD, RTCA and DOW (please refer to spec sheet for more details).

In this, the newest version, Chery has upgraded many of the ADAS systems to level 2 autonomy. This means that the vehicle is also equipped with features that assist passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicles.

For example, if the vehicle performs an emergency manoeuvre and it realises that another vehicle close by is not paying attention and putting its occupants at risk, it can flash its hazards to warn the vehicle.

Another example is the improvements to the door open warning system. Now, the system will monitor both flanks and warn occupants not to open a door if there is a car approaching, by flashing a red ring light around the door mounted speakers.

Intelligent Voice Command

Intelligent voice command has become a core Chery Company value (USP). In the New Tiggo 8 MY2023 range the intelligent voice command has some added updates which include open offline navigation and heated and ventilated seats to mention a few.

Ample power

As one of the most popular vehicles in its class and the top selling Tiggo globally, Chery has decided to retain the existing and much-loved powertrains.

This means the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 is fitted with Chery’s Heart of China-winning 1.6 TGDI engine that delivers a maximum power output of 145 kW at 5 500 rpm and a solid 290 Nm across a notably wide powerband between 2 000 rpm and 4 400 rpm. The engine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (7DCT) that delivers power to the front wheels.

Customers who choose the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX MY2023 can expect top notch power from Chery’s 2.0 TDGI engine. This flagship powerplant utilises many of Chery’s newest proprietary engine technologies to deliver 187 kW at 5 500 rpm and 390 Nm from 2 000 rpm to 4 000 rpm. This engineis equipped with the same smooth-shifting seven speed DCT gearbox to deliver power to the front wheels.

It is this powerful flagship – the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX MY2023 – that has been chosen as the official presidential vehicle partner for the BRICS summit that takes place in Johannesburg later this month. The event will see the heads of 52 countries and senior delegates from United Nations-entities such as the World Trade Organisation and World Health Organisation attend. They will all experience the comfort and performance that sets the all-new Tiggo 8 Pro MAX MY2023 apart from the rest.


Chery’s value has not only improved in terms of design, luxury and safety, but also in its level of aftermarket support and service value.

For instance, since first launching the Tiggo 8 Pro, Chery has added a range of free value-added services, including free rim and scratch repair, free roadside assistance, a free loan vehicle when your Tiggo is in for a longer service or repair and even a free take-me-home service.

Chery has also partnered with Absa to introduce a range of extended service plans and warranties and the possibility to upgrade a service plan to a comprehensive maintenance plan.
Even if customers choose not to upgrade their warranty or service plan, they can still benefit from Chery’s impressive standard warranty and service plan.

Buyers of the Tiggo 8 Pro can expect a 5-year / 60 000 km service plan and 5 year / 150 000 km comprehensive mechanical warranty. With the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX buyers receive a 7-year / 90 000 km service plan and the same mechanical warranty.

And then there is the unmatched Chery engine warranty which offers 10-years / 1-million-kilometre of peace of mind motoring.

Pick your first class

Two models of the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 are available at launch. They are:

  • Tiggo 8 Pro 1.6T Executive – R609 900
  • Tiggo 8 Pro MAX 2.0T Executive – R669 900

The first 100 customers to purchase an all new Tiggo 8 Pro Max MY2023 will gain membership to The Max Club, which offers a host of exclusive lifestyle benefits, a 5-year My Chery Care package, as well as the opportunity to win one of 3 trips to China later this year.